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About Mom's Table Franchising

Dinner is spaghetti pie.

Both of our Mom’s were raised on farms where everyone sat down to eat together at every meal. Mom’s Table strives to help families of all sizes do the same as they did on the farm. Good food reasonably priced.

Pick it up…heat it up… done!



A Smart Investment

We purposely made our investment low. We don’t want barriers to entry but we want everyone to have skin in the game. We can help save you money on setting up a Mom’s Table shop and reducing risk.

Forward Thinking

We are very technology driven. In both operations and marketing of our brand. We look for more ways every month to increase brand awareness and website traffic while sticking with our retro roots.

Problem Solvers

Mom’s Table has a history dating back 10 years. We have experienced the ups and downs of a small business. But we know all the problems and how to avoid/solve them.

Customer Support

Our customer is the franchisee and we expect a lot from you.  You will be given first-class support that you need and should expect from our organization.

Our Story

“Home, family, and home cooked meals have always been passionately important to me, which is why we sell prepared meals to families. So the next generation will grow up eating home cooked meals via Mom’s Table.”  Joanne Rooks, Founder

  • Brand Strategy 80% 80%
  • Internet Marketing 60% 60%
  • Menu Development 95% 95%
  • Customer Happiness 99% 99%