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Marketing is the biggest mistake every business-owner makes by not getting out and pressing the flesh with the public or marketing their product face-to-face.

Ask yourself if you are the type of person that doesn’t mind marketing their product face-to-face? If not then you don’t need to buy a franchise.

Fear of Rejection

If you are nervous or downright scared of marketing your products face-to-face in an elevator, on the street, or at a PTA meeting than you need to find another occupation because honestly, you will not make it in business otherwise.

Most people for whatever reason feel sleazy or that they are doing something wrong by pushing their products to strangers or even close friends. It takes a special person to be able to pull that off successfully.

Confident in Your Franchise

You must have total confidence in your product and franchise business. This is the only way you will be able to market your product face-to-face. It’s important that you pick a franchise that you feel 100% that it will change peoples lives for the better.

It is only by pinpointing your customer’s pain that you will be able to stand your ground and present your case in all meetings with others. It is also the reason these strangers want to hear what you have to say. They want that pain no matter how small to go away.

Look at it from the prospects side. Maybe they are tired of fixing dinner for 2 hours every night, so their family eats well. Does your product solve that? Maybe they are tired of waiting in the fast food line while feeling guilty about it? What is a better option?

What about Social Media Marketing You Say

Social media marketing is about getting the word out there that helps people find what they are looking for to help with that pain point. But to get those customers to come to you it helps to know how to cure the pain. Ask yourself this, which headline gets your attention?

  1. Use Prepared Meals to Feed Your Family. Or
  2. Tired of Cooking? Pick Up a Prepared Meal on the Way Home Tonight!

You see social media marketing will get the solution for “tired of cooking” out there and people will call and ask questions. Is your food healthy? Is your food gluten-free? And loads of other questions that you will have to defend to be successful.

You see all social media does is expedite the public to you but it’s up to you to close the sale.

How Creative Marketing Helps You Sell Your Franchise Products

A great story I like to tell is about my logo. When I started I met with a lady at my church that agreed to design me a logo for my business. The cost was $200. At the time that sounds expensive but because I got a professional to develop it I have profited from that logo thousands of times over.

The point is I needed something catchy that would grab people’s eyes, so they would ask questions. It was worth the money to find a creative professional to do that for me.

How can you be creative? Maybe hand out flyers at the next community dance? Maybe let people try samples at a 5K race? Maybe stand out by the road with a sign and wave it around? I’ve done them all and then some.

All these creative endeavours take a little moxie to pull them off, but it is the fastest way to build a group of buyers for your products.

The days of advertising in print media is pretty much over. I have tried and wasted a lot of money with little to no return buying ads but every time I go face-to-face I win over customers.

Make Your Marketing Efforts Fun

Everyone likes to have a little fun. I have sponsored a pie eating contest, musical chairs event and drawings or raffles.

I once co-sponsored a contest at Halloween to guess how much a pumpkin weighted. Closest one to the correct weight won a gift certificate to my business and got a pumpkin for free. It was surprising how many people stopped back by to see if they won or who did.

There are really lots of ways to have fun you just must come up with a simple but silly idea.

My Conclusion

The whole point is always to be thinking of ways you can be marketing your products. Find your customer’s pain point and how your product cures that pain. Also, be creative and get yourself out there in a way that grabs people’s attention. But most of all have some fun.